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Digby's have been specialising in removals to the Continent since the early 1980’s. The procedure for moving to Europe is not that different from moving within the UK.
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Removals to France | Removals from France

With an office based on the continent Digby Removals are an obvious choice for those moving to France or moving from France to the UK.

With nearly 40 years experience of removals to France and removals from France to the UK we can certainly boast of our local knowledge.

Removals to France go by road, twice monthly in one of our vehicles that are fitted with a Vehicle Management System. This system uses Satellite Navigation Technology to pin-point the position of our vehicle’s. This has obvious security benefits as well as allowing us to check the progress of our delivery schedule at all times. Your dedicated coordinator will be on hand to keep you up to date with all aspects of your removal to France.

If your new home is not ready or you require to take delivery of your personal effects at a later date, Digby’s can also offer storage for all, or part of your shipment until your plans are decided overseas.

What our customers say

Here are just a few of the letters we’ve had from customers we have moved to various locations abroad:

Packing for Removals to France

Here are a few well tested tips on how to pack for removals to france

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